Art & Craft

Eden the Label aims to ride the line between art and craft. Having a background in art and going through many years of art school; the importance of function became incredibly apparent. It is a privilege to make art and our brand is all about making art with a function. This is important because a piece of art could hang on a wall and be appreciated but how close do you feel to it? How much closer could you feel to a pice of art that is centered around the body? Closeness is crucial in regards to sustainability. The closer you feel to an object, the more you will cherish it.  The more you cherish it, the longer you keep it. This is one of many philosophies we believe will help to end fast fashion. Craft is important in terms of sustainability as well. For something to be well made means that it will last. At Eden the Label this is considered in durability and fashion; making sure the object holds up (if cared for properly) and is timeless in style.