Hi, this is Eden!

While creating this online space my priorities continue to be inclusion, sustainability, transparency, and love. My goal is to use wearables to carve out a space for comfort and creative choice; like a closet of sorts. It's important to me to use this space for challenging the conventional understandings of strength, power, and beauty.


Anyone drawn to Eden the Label is welcome here. I aim to provide an experience where all women and non binary people can have autonomy in their fashion choices.


There's a whole page on Eden the Label's sustainability practices you can check out on the home page :)


Because I'm just starting out, we're still navigating how to display this info on the web. In the future, when you purchase an item I'd like there to be a full list of sourcing, material cost, cost of labor, etc. included on your receipt. (Similar to what MaisonCleo is doing which you can check out here). As for now, if you have any questions about material cost, hours of labor, etc. feel free to email us here :)


So much love is put into the making of every product listed. Love for art, for making, for creativity, for process, for whoever will take the product home, and above all, love for a better world.